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Farewell Party and Cultural Exchange at VRU

Sunday, 3 February 2019
SEA-TEACHER BATCH 7 VRU (students, buddies, lecturer and director)
waiting for van that will pick up us to VRU

Arrived at VRU, we have a breakfast first at family mart. We need to sign our evaluation form before the farewell party started. I met all of my thai buddies, because I have 3 thai buddies haha. Som, Nutcat and Aern.

Watpangiw and Samkhok Squad wear kebaya for today. Another students from Indonesia almost wearing kebaya and batik, but some wear their regional traditional clothes. Also for students from philines, they wearing their traditional clothes. So many performance that introducing Indonesian and Philipines cultures, some of the performance are Indonesian traditional dance and Philipines traditional dance. We sing Indonesian National song together “Indonesia Pusaka”. Al and the other students from Phillipines tell us Phillipines traditional games, it’s quite interesting because all off the students play together πŸ˜€

Pad Thai from VRU, aloy kha! πŸ˜€
Jean, Al and Cath

Before the performance, VRU give us the certificate, thank you VRU ❀

It’s sad because today is our last day in VRU. Som and Nutcat give me a souvenir, also my VRU mentor Mrs. Nantiya give me Khanom Phing and a handmade keychain, huhu so sweet. Thank you VRU, see you again Thailand ❀

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Goodbye, Watpangiw

Saturday. Our last day in dormitory and our lovely school, Watpangiw. I’m sad because today no students come to school because today is saturday. Yesterday we don’t have so much time with students because we have to go to Samkhok to say goodbye to the director and arrange the documents that need to signed by school.

Today we prepare our stuff and suitcase, because tomorrow we will picked up to VRU for the farewell party and cultural exchange. We clean the dormitory in the morning and preparing our luggage at night.

Thank you Teacher Nel for the Pizza! Aloy Kha! ❀

❀ Sunday Morning, 03 February 2019 ❀
Goodbye, my lovely dorm ❀

Madam Yui told us that she will come to say good bye today. She comes to our dorm with Mrs. Junsri Choeythum. They give us a souvenir, I’m touched, they are so kind huhuhu. Time to say goodbye ❀ let’s meet again in the future my chinese buddies, Evelyn, Eleven, Maggie, Max and April ❀ I will be miss this place and also the peoples ❀

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Last Day at School

Friday, 01 February 2019

The last day for us to meet the students and teachers.
Also the last outdoor activity for me to join with them.

Todays outdoor activities is guess where is the ball. Students will make a circle, one student will be in the mid of the circle, the other students will hide the balls with their hands in their back until teacher say stop. After that student in the mid will guess where is the ball.

Today we cook pecel for teachers. We bought the vegetables at fresh market around Samkhok this morning. A funny moment happened when we need some box for pecel haha. We need 5 more box, but we don’t know where we can buy it, so we ask to a food seller at fresh market but they don’t understand what we mean. So we just leave and go to Watpangiw Canteen and ask to helper that we need some box for food. We use google translate because they can’t understand english. They understand what we mean after a while haha πŸ˜€

In the afternoon after lunch, Teacher Yakumi ask us to meet her. She want to give certificate from Watpangiw School. Oh my god, thank you so much Watpangiw ❀

See you again Teacher Chris and Teacher Brina, my lovely teacher mentor ❀

❀ Ms. Christine Mae Daga-ang and Ms. Sabrina Over ❀
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Countryside Vibes: Back to Nature

P.1/1 with Thai Teacher ❀

The last school trip!
We going around Phatum Thani Province. Todays field trip is traditional concepts because we are going to a farmers rural and will do a lot of activities. We are going there with teachers and prathomsuksa students from grade 1 – 5 english program.

Students try to ride a buffalo, the buffalo is so big!. We also try to ride a vehicle that usually used for plowing, it’s like you riding bajaj in Indonesia because your body is ‘shaking’ ahahha.

We try to make thailand traditional foods, it is like surabi in Indonesia, but this one have a strong coconut flavor, delicious πŸ˜€

We also try to riding a boat by ourself! it’s fun! I always want to try that kind of activities, finally I can do that here πŸ˜€ but students have a guide for that. The activities here is trying to introduce students about the life of the farmer. Because they try to plowing, planting and peeling rice with a traditional methode, and many more.

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Chatuchak and Pratunam with Z-Game

Z-Game and Ibeng

We are going to Chatuchak and Pratunam with Z-Game. Z-Game is Ibeng‘s thai buddies πŸ˜€ He is very kind and fun haha, he likes joking and sometimes a little bit naughty in a fun way hahaha.

We going to Future Park, it is our meeting point. We met Z-Game and than waiting for Ibeng. Z-Game give us a wet towel, it’s unpredictable, he is so sweet wkwkwk.

We bought so many things at Chatuchak for souvenir. We also bought mango sticky rice, very delicious, I like thai food haha. I bought so many thai tea. At pratunam we bought clothes and keychains, and many more. Today is so tired but also fun. Thank you Z-Game for accompany us traveling around chatuchak and pratunam πŸ˜€

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Evaluation Day

Evaluation Schedule from School

Last week, Teacher Yakumi and Teacher Yew informed us about our evaluation date, so we have time to prepare our lesson plan and media for teaching in class. I talk with my teacher mentor about the topic. My topic for today is vehicle. I have prepared some flashcards and worksheet for today.

Before the evaluation day,
I sent my lesson plan to my VRU mentor, and she said that I have to prepare circle activity or circle time and art avtivity or free play activity. So I have a discuss with my lecturer in Indonesia, Miss Finita about my media. She recomended me to using Quiver as my media and for childrens worksheets for the art activity. I start to looking for the coloring pages that suits with the topic for today at Quiver’s website.

I’m a little bit nervous for today, because this is my first time teaching at class K.2/1. Also it’s hard for me to communicate with my VRU mentor because my phone is still at Ajahn Neung. I met my VRU mentor, Mrs. Sasihthorn in the morning at about 8.30 AM in front of School Dome. She give me this snack when we met, thank you so much Mrs. Sasithorn ^_^

The class is started. Before I handled the class, the students is already do the warm up with Teacher Brina while we waiting for Mrs. Nantiya because she is lost near Samkhok, so I don’t have much time to do warm up again. For opening the class we just sing the weather song and have a talk about how was the weather for the circle time.

After circle time, I’m using my flashcard for the presentation. This is my flashcards that I made for today:

We fill the activities in the books Surroundings Around Us pages 18-19, students fill this activity together by my instruction.

Quiver Coloring Pages

After they finish the books activities, we start to coloring Quiver’s coloring pages. The students is currious and interest to color the pages because I demonstrate the final project before they start to color. The coloring pages will be a 3D object augmented reality by using Quiver Apps, so I tell them to color beautiful. This is some of the students work:

I’m happy for today because both students and my VRU mentor seems interested to my teaching methodes and media. Thank you Miss. Finita for recomended Quiver to me and also Teacher Christine that always help me preparing my lesson plan. This is my evaluation form from my VRU mentor and Teacher Chris as my teacher mentor:

Mrs. Sasithorn and Mrs. Nantiya ❀
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English Club: Emotions!

My topic for today english club is emotions. I’m using flashcards from @Mockeri, there is so many flashcards and printable materials for kids you can download for free

After I finish my presentation, we make 2 team, team A and team B.
One by one students from each team will come forward the class and looking at the whiteboard. While they looking back to the whiteboard, I will show the emotion cards to the other students. After they know what’s the emotion in the card I show to them, they will act the emotions. For example, I give them the sad card, so they will make a sad face and the students in front of the class will guess what emotions is that.

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Teaching at Class K.2/4

Todays topic is Professions.

Today Teacher Brina is come to class to see me teaching the class and if just in case I need her help. We start the class by sing and dance, and sing a song together The Itsy Bitsy Spider because they really like that song. After that I explaining about the professions with flashcards.

Children do exercise in the books People and Places Around Us. Not all of the students can understand the task, so I have to tell them the steps and work it together. After they finish their work, we recalling what does we learn today. I’m asking them about todays topic and for the closing we sing again The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

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Teaching 4 Classes in 1 Day

Ms. Brina is going to VRU English Camp, so I have to teach at her class:

K.2/4 from 09.00 AM – 09.50 AM
K.2/2 from 10.00 AM – 10.50 AM
K2/3 from 13.15 PM – 14.15 PM

Plese check my lesson plan for todays teaching here
Todays topic is parts of house, teacher brina told me that I can just use the books for students activity, so after I explain the topics with my flashcards, they do the activity in the book series People and Places Around Us.

After the class at Anuban done, I have to teach at English Club P.1/1, teacher chris told me that I have to try teach at the english club before I’m evaluated by thai teacher. So my topic for todays club is animals. We play pass the message and the students was enjoyed the games πŸ˜€

This is the games. We make 2 teams as always, because students at class P.1/1 likes games with teamworks. They make 2 lines, Team A and Team B. I will whispering to one student, and they will pass the message that I tell to them. The last students will come and take the flashcard. Example: I whisper “Dog and Cat”, so the last student have to take thhe dog flashcard and the cat flashcard.